The Cossatot Race

Go fast.
Don't swim.

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The Race.

The Cossatot Race is Arkansas' most notorious whitewater race. Racers must navigate the set of 6 class III/IV rapids that make up the 1/3 mile section of the river known as the Cossatot Falls.

The 2019 Race will be held in March & April. Our window of opportunity is the last two weekends of March and the second two weekends in April. That means that the first Saturday during our window that river is between 3 and 6 feet, we race. If the water is too high (exceeds 6 ft) on the first Saturday there is water, then the race will be held the next day (Sunday).

We're looking forward to good lines, and hopefully even better weather. 

The Rules.

First and foremost, no drama. After that, the rules are simple: Paddle your ass off from the starting line to dead dog beach - the best time in each class wins, that's it. This year, you'll have the option to race in one or more categories:

Short Boat  (under 9'6")
Long Boat  (over 9'6")
Open Boat (silly things that look like bathtubs)
Jr. Paddlers (anyone under the age of 18)
Sr. Paddlers (anyone over the age of 55)
Tandem (double the fun)

A note on long boats - we are cutting down on the sharing of gear this year, as it screws up the timing of the starts. If you want to race a long boat, show up with one.

Also, plastic only. 

Swims result in a DNF (did not finish).

If you register, but don’t boat, the result shows up as a DNS (did not start).


The Location.

Registration location:
Cossatot River State Park - Nature Area
1980 US-278, Wickes, AR 71973
(870) 385-2201

Race location:
Cossatot Falls Campground
Umpire, AR 71971